I am an Ugly man. No, I am not an artist like those who created Beyoncé; nor am I one of your New York chosen ones /darlings / flavor of the week ectoplasms. I am a queer of substance, of color and depth, thoughts and expression– and I might even be said to possess magick. I am Ugly, understand, simply because you refuse to see me… 
— Raja Feather Kelly 

Raja Feather Kelly's UGLY


September 5-8, 2018 @ 8pm
[added show] Sunday, Sept 9 @ 8 PM

Part dance-theatre and part pop-culture collage, Raja Feather Kelly is UGLYand this is the latest from the Warhol-obsessed; Black; Queer; Drama Queen of the feath3r theory and his response to the dearth of nuanced black queer subjectivity in the mainstream.