Get to know who makes the work, how they do it, why they make it, and what they think about making it.

Get to know who makes the work, how they do it, why they make it, and what they think about making it.

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Laura Snow

LAURA SNOW states, "In my collaboration with the feath3r theory I seek to keep the video work continuously in dialogue with the live work, before, after and sometimes during the performance --- and contribute to a process of “unrecycling,” urging the audience to dissect what they see, until what they see is bared down to the bones of its historical sources.

the feath3r theory consciously appropriates pop cultural material that has itself come from America’s costly cycle of appropriation --- where we as a society often pull from and white-wash cultural products of queer communities and people of color. By turning these references on their head, the feath3r theory examines the cliches that are woven deeply into the core of our identities.

Raja will pose the questions, “Is any of this real? Who is our maker? Are we just telling the same stories over and over again?” Using my own methods of pop cultural anthropology, I create video work that answers in two ways: our consumption bonds us together. Or, our consumption simply makes us feel more alone.  Some days I am an optimist, and some days, I am not.

In this uncrecycling process we simplify by tearing things apart, but the remnants we find can make us feel more complicated.  The video work is never static, and can be emotional, but is always an ongoing stay tuned. It is the anomalies we find that give us the freedom to love ourselves, as ourselves."

Laura Snow is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and longtime collaborator of the feath3r theory.  Laura's 2016 short LEAVE-TAKING premiered at DocNYC 2016, won the Online Audience Award at the 2017 Mindscape Film Festival, and was acquired by the media company Conscious Good. Laura holds degrees from Connecticut College and the University of Melbourne and has associate produced documentary series for PBS, the Discovery Channel, Viceland, A&E and CNN, as well as the 2016 Sundance film, NEWTOWN, and the 2018 Tribeca Festival film, HOUSE TWO. Laura is now the Media Producer for the New York City Ballet.  

Kate Enman

KATE ENMAN states, "My primary concern is not to produce a breakthrough image. Rather, I am interested in exploring the intimacy and sentimentality of the human condition. I hope my work would be considered documentary in style, with a taste of the fantastical. I relish creating new worlds and capturing the creatures that surround me in this one." 

Kate Enman (b. 1987, NYC): Born and based in Brooklyn, Kate is a photography artist. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Time Out New York, and Brooklyn Magazine. Having studied and shot in Tel Aviv, Rome, and New York City, she is currently passionate about analog photography - particularly of the 35mm variety. Kate delights in portraiture, dance and still-life, and has recently started her own studio in Bushwick with her many cats. She continues to look for ways to get work done in the bath.


Aaron Moses Robin

AARON MOSES ROBIN  states, "The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Everything is Everything."

Aaron Moses Robin graduated from FSU in late 2013. His first job with the feath3r theory was cleaning the floor for their performance of DRELLA in 2014. He was reading a book about Edie Sedgwick by Jean Stein and Raja and he got to talking. Aaron performed in the next work, Color Me Warhol. Aaron also makes potions, tipples and cocktails for a living at the Top of the Standard.