Warhol. Pop culture. Consumption. Ready Made Art. Store Bought Love. 

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The Love Episode Mixtape Conceived and Directed by Raja Feather Kelly, Created and Edited by Emily Auciello, with the feath3r theory and Laura Snow is a mixtape that came as a reaction to the performance of Another Fucking Warhol Production or The Love Episode, which premiered June 2017 at The Kitchen as a part of Lumberyard in the city. While the performance was described as an American docu-fiction post-ballet theatre musical that attempted to recreate and reimagine a rumored unfinished and unaired episode of Saturday Night Live, this mixtape is a thesis,  a survey of LOVE in popular music and an experience of the duality of what pop fans want from us: their product- to escape and to learn how to live/love. We wanted to suggest the proverb "you make the bed you lie in" as an example of the relationship we have with popular culture. We watch it, buy it, eat it, live, it. And what about Love? Do we know what love is? We're directed to watch it, buy it, be it, eat it? Can something as important and vital as Love escape capitalism?