We wanted to raise $10,000, WE RAISED $15,103!!! 

" was a practical demonstration of what fundraising should and could be—unpretentious art creation and engagement. We felt immediately welcomed into this community of creators and thinkers for the evening"

"The evening was engaging and remarkably well-done: a stunning lineup of artists and performers included a singer in Spanish, a composer from Manhattan’s long-established LaMama Experimental Theater, as well as comediennes, singers, and dancers, including a tap-dancing and echo-design artist."

"Raja’s event felt like the future of fundraising - engaging, noncommittal, and global."


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I really don't know what to say other than Thank You! Thank you to the company and gala co-chairs: Amy Gernux, Sara Gurevich, Rachel Pritzlaff, Collin Ranf, Aaron Moses Robin, Benjamin Wolk.  Thank you to the collaborators and designers who lent their time and talent: Bryan Baira, Kate Enman,  Erika Foley, Laura Snow, and Tuce Yasak.  Thank you to the performers: Monstah Black, Cheo Bourne, Amy Gernux, Nicky Paraiso, Joél Pérez, Devon Perry, Tessa Skara, Penelope Wendtlandt, Candace Taylor, Coel Rodriguez, John Gutierrez, Rebecca Hite Teicheira, and Alexandria Giroux. Thank you to Kickstarter, to friends and family who supported this, and thank you to you! The 241 people who made this happen for us! The generosity that outpoured to support the feath3r theorywas astounding, remarkable, and stupefying. I was both grateful and shocked. We have had such a difficult year seeking institutional support, but with such a deep desire to grow, your encouragement is unimaginably generous and sustains us. We attempted to raise $10,000 and we passed that to reach $15,103. We are looking forward to a fantastic year! Please keep up with us as we move into the next phase of our work and structure.

-Raja Feather Kelly


Please join me in recognizing each and every donor of the
2018 Tele-Gala-A-Thon: 

Taylor Moore, Jenn de la Vega, Colleen Thomas, Rami Shafi, Sam Crawford, Mike Walsh, Clarinda Mac Low, Sammi Shay, Erica Chen, Alexander Olivieri, Jon Leland, Robert Wiegmann, Terry Madonia Breslin, Jacques, Sandra Garner, Janet Wong, David Thomson, Okwui Okpokwasili, Fana Fraser, Eli Holzman, Cheo Bourne, Nadav Assor, Lily Ockwell, Daniella Henry, Amy Khoshbin, Nicole Philippidis, Graham Jones, Rebecca Shulman, Sara Pearson, Patrik Widrig, Nick Stefos, Richard Pritzlaff, Ross Norton, Julia Burrer, Casey Corn, Kate Ladenheim, Janine Marie Perego, Stephen Brackett, Neil Greenberg, Kathryn Minnerop, Netta Yerushalmy, Laquimah VanDunk, Simon C., Mark Catalano, Elise McCave, Gary Denney, Hadar Ahuvia, Natasha Sinha, Gabriel Gironda, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Garrow, Marta Miller, Campbell Midgley, Stephanie Whittier, Evelyn Scaramella, Michael R. Jackson, Cassie Marketos, John A. Morrison, Will Penrose, D. Mubashshir, Adriane Fang, Tzveta Kassabova, Michaela, Joel Perez, Emilyn Kowaleski, Lena, Carl, Caleb Hammond, Cara, Troy Ogilvie, Katie, James Philo, Parinda Darden, Debi Bradshaw, CJ, Reigen Miller, Pavol Juhos, Jane Jerardi, Sarah Bartley, Susan Lauther, Jess Harrelson, David Parker, David Pritzlaff, Nick Smit, Sophie Maguire, Corrie Blissit, Tim Ranf, Mato Duris, Ayellet, Sarah Page Pritzlaff, Josh Windsor, Florent, Garrett Allen, Katy Pyle, Gregory Cohan, Shannon Keating, Ashley D'Amboise, Lauren Morrow, Jeffrey Frace, Mattie, Shannon Healey, Seth Clayton, Michael Breslin, Bill Mackin, Maria Baranova, Eric Damon Walters, Katie Diamond, Louise, Yeman Brown, Alberto Denis, Laura, Patric Fallon, Timothy Edward Craig, Margaret S., Carolyn Roose, Alison, Heather Corcoran, Tim Gilligan, Stefan Jovanovic, Donald Borror, Annelise, Alex Hyman, David Cohen, Ann Marie Dorr, Raymond Robin, Dave Goldblatt, Kenneth Bleeth, Charles Quittner, Matthew Brookshire, Denise Patrick, David S., Amy Cassello, Alex Hudson, Marya Ursin, Ashley Zimmerman, Amanda Valdez, Erin Boberg Doughton, Julia Schutt, Alison Scaramella, Emily Auciello, Mark Wunsch, John Del Gaudio, Nick, Tina Le, Risa, Lorrie, The Creative Fund, Anne Ciarlone, Clarissa Redwine, Chavi M. Holm, David, Amelia, JMoliere Live, Doreen Maddox, Tieg Zaharia, Andre M. Zachery, Graziella Murdocca, Lauren Miller, Jessica Ray, Sydnie Mosley, Betsey Brock, Lucien Zayan, Noah Kardos-Fein, Susan Manning, Carol Sailors, Ramshackle Enterprises, Devon Jean Adams, Jim Findlay, Claire Sylvan, Hilary Brown, Jen Goma, Joanne Gernux, Justin Morrison, Maura, Lindsay Howard, Jamie Wilkinson, Rebecca Hiscott, Nick Yulman, Melanie George, Gus, Spatial K, Jake Denney, Patton Hindle, Jeremy Lanou, Gary Gurevich, Jessica Massart, Kamila Slawinski, Jodi Bender, Kyli Kleven, Meredith, Kristin Marting, Elyse Mallouk, Daniel Sharp, Margot Atwell

Photos By:
Kate Enman | Kate_Shot_Me

Supported by:
Shambhala Meditation, Komnata Quest Room, St. Ann's Warehouse, Dance Films Association, Sisters, Bend & Bloom Yoga, Nowadays Club: Mr. Sunday Party, Jaime Allyce Wright, Pickles Private Yoga, Rise Health Club, ((305)) Fitness, New York Live Arts, PALERMO BODY, JACK, Kate Shot Me, Weather Up, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Dance Matters NYC, Ars Nova, 10 Hairy Legs, The Rubin Museum, The Chocolate Factory, SoHo Rep