Raja Feather Kelly’s voguing of Drella distills this history into a potent force of performance art that critiques and undermines what Warhol’s — and, by extension, our society’s — preference for white meant yesterday and continues to mean today.

exultant and challenging work;

A Very Pleasant Thursday Night Filled With Drag, Smashing Vogue, Cabaret And Ballet.

"Baring Their Legs, The Six Dancers Perform Splits And High Kicks That Would Put The Perkiest Cheerleader To Shame." 
-The Dance Enthusiast

This Show Is Gender-Bending —
And A Bit Mind-Bending, Too.
-Brooklyn Paper

DRELLA was created in part at the Bates Dance Festival's 2013 Emerging Choreographer Program and funded in part by The Foundation For Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant Fund.

Concept And Direction
Raja Feather Kelly

Original Music
Tito Ramsey

Lighting Design
Zephan Ellenbogen

Andy Toad

Laura Snow

Communications And Design François Leloup-Collet

Raja Feather Kelly
Amy Gernux
Yvonne Hernandez
Nik Owens
Rachel Pritzlaff
Rebecca Hite-Teicheira
Connor Voss  
Benjamin Wolk
Anna Schon

Additional Performers
Jeremy Jae Neal
Yeman Brown
Bryan Strimpel
Lindsay Head

DRELLA was self-produced at the Invisible Dog Art Center December 12/13 2013 and its’ reprisal was co-produced June 4-6 2014.