Another 37 Reasons to Cry (a Warholian Production) 

Using movement that is highly demanding physically, and at the same time unedited, raw, and true-to-life, 37' takes inspiration from film noir to create a work that is dark, minimalist, mysterious and cinematic. At the same time, 37' uses the stark form to give voice to real people telling real stories, looking to reveal real reasons why the American Dream is ending, and why we - as individuals and as a society - should cry. 


90 minutes of angst and ecstasy.
- Rennie McDougall



Choreography and Direction
Raja Feather Kelly  

Lighting Design
Tuce Yasak

Laura Snow

Raja Feather Kelly
Shaina Branfman
Amy Gernux
Sara Gurevich
John Gutierrez
Collin Ranf
Aaron Moses Robin
Rachel Pritzlaff
Bryan Strimpel

Rebecca Shulman


Curated by Kamilia Slawinski, 37 was first performed at JACKnyc with the generous support of Alec Duffy.