Who’s Party was it Anyway?

Imagine this: from somewhere in NYC, Andy Warhol takes a cab to Madison Square Garden and the cab only cost $5. The weather is “fairy Hurricane’ nice and the 1981 Australian film Gallipoli is having it’s screening and party at St. Moritz Hotel. Gallipoli, by Peter Weir stars the 25 year old, Mel Gibson playing a young rural Australian who enlists in the Australian Army during the First World War. Seems like a movie about camaraderie and loosing the innocence of war maybe have been one of the many ‘Top Guns’ of the 80’s: hot men, fighting, coming of age, boy closeness, and tear jerking violence (wink). ANYWAY, having missed the screening due to missing an opportunity to have his picture taken with Katherine Hepburn due to Michael Jackson introducing Andy to all if his brothers who each wanted a picture taken with him. Andy, on August 18th, 1981 writes:

I was dropping Jon off and as we passed Columbus Circle I saw ark and Mel, the two stars of Gallipoli, alone, just sort of wandering, and it was sad. Their Party was over and they looked lost, like they didn’t have anywhere else to go.