Where are all the Lost Warhol Portraits?

I am reading Andy Warhol’s Diary, it spans November 24th 1976 to February 17th 1987, 5 days before he died. (Edited by Pat Hackett- 4 months on the New York Times Bestseller List)

I read according to whatever day it is, like a horoscope or something.

Today is September 4th- LABOR DAY.

Andy was almost always at a party on these days.

In 1980, today, Andy flew from New York to Miami. He complained a lot about his patience and peeves… “everybody’s so ugly” and traffic was so bad” . . .

by this time, Andy Warhol seemed to be a household name… to celebrities and wealthy people, at least, and Andy was always working. . .

“I had three portraits to take photos for during cocktail time. They had a big buffet with al the great food and I couldn’t eat anything because I had to talk to all these people who wanted me to sign autographs and i talked to this lady and she wanted her portrait done right then and there so we had to leave and go upstairs and oh… 

After dinner I had to go to the room and do the two other ladies and we had rupert as a makeup man. and I was so exhausted i couldn’t sleep.”

The Andy Warhol Diaries paints such a different self portrait than the one we know, or well, created for Andy Warhol. Where we see him throwing the parties and we see him orchestrating the social circles and doing virtually nothing but creating what was ‘everything’.

However, It’s very clear in this day-to-day 4-10 sentence per entry history that Warhol saw himself, at heart, a lonely  voyeur and observer with a hell of a point of view. His self portrait in journal entry’s from tape recordings always leave him in the middle of a crowd, on the outside of a party or behind the camera, each and everyplace always alone.

This is the feeling I get from how these entries are crafted.

Who is Andy Warhol? Is he the man he created for us?  The man we created of him? Could he be a lonely cynical artist who sees the world and serves it back or the smart conniving business man who ceases opportunity. Will the real Andy Warhol please stand up?